Artvoice's Battle of Original Music

Congratulations BOOM 2013-2014 Winners, Folkfaces!

Emerging from the second week of the first round of this year's contest, Folkfaces went on to win the Round 1 Live Showdown back on January 17th at Nietzsche's, earning them a slot in the finals. This past June 6th they received the most votes at the Tralf during our Grand Finale show, and took home the $5000 prize. As part of their prize they also receive a slot at 107.7FM's Kerfuffle on Saturday, July 26th at Canalside, where you can catch them performing along side Bear Hands, Big Data, Bleachers, Brick + Mortar, Cage The Elephant, The Crystal Method, KONGOS, and Semi Precious Weapons. You'll also be able to catch them on-air during 107.7's Localized show, Sundays from 8pm-9pm.

A huge thank you and job well done to our other finalists, Pine Fever, The Naturalists, and The Heavenly Chillbillies. Combined, they set a new BOOM attendance record at the Grand Finale, with over 400 fans showing up in support.

BOOM would not be possible without our vibrant local music scene, including bands and fans alike. So in no particular order, thanks goes out to the over 60 bands who signed up for this year's contest, the 32 who were selected to participate in on-line battles, the 10,000+ fans that casted votes on-line throughout the contest, the 16 bands who played 4 live quarterfinal shows and all the fans who attended, and of course our four finalist bands and everyone in attendance at the Grand Finale. Special thanks to Alternative Buffalo 107.7FM for sweetening this year's prize pot, and to Nietzsche's and The Tralf for providing us a space to showcase our local talent. We'll see everyone again in the fall!

Interested in the next BOOM?

BOOM is an annual event and we'll be starting over in the fall - if you missed your chance this time around, visit the Registration Reminder page. Sign up with your contact info and we'll make sure you're amongst the first to know when the registration opens back up for our next installment of BOOM, most likely around Halloween. Every year is a clean slate, so whether or not you've signed up in the past, or even participated before, doesn't matter - you're welcome to join us again.

About BOOM

We're back for our 8th annual (2013-2014) Battle of Original Music (B.O.O.M! for short), and we've got another $5000 cash to give away!

As we do annually, BOOM will once again consist of four rounds. Each round lasts four weeks; each week a pair of bands will be selected by Artvoice and featured both here on the BOOM website, as well as, and in the print edition of Artvoice. Local music fans vote on this very website for the band they want to see move on to a live contest. After four weeks, we put those four bands head to head at a live quarterfinal show. Fans in attendance vote for their favorite, and whoever collects the most votes wins the round and move on to the finals. The finals bring together the prior winners from all four rounds for one last live grand finale show, and again fans in attendance will decide on the winner.

For a more detailed explanation on how the contest works, please see the How Boom Works page