Artvoice's Battle of Original Music

Congratulations Round 3 Winners, Lunajie!

Congratulations to Luanjie for picking up the most votes at our Round 3 Live Show this past Friday, April 10th. With the win, they'll move on to the finals in June where they'll join Round 1 winners Intent to Sell and Round 2 winner Erica Wolfling.

A big thank you to Sara Elizabeth and Wild Things for their performances at our live showdown, and of course, thank you to all the fans who came out to support original local music!

Round 4 begins this week, with our next pair of acts to be announced on Thursday. If you're in a band and want a chance to participate in Round 4, and ultimately, a chance to win $5000 and other prizes, our submissions remain open - but time is running out, so you'll want to sign up ASAP. Read on for more information!

Announcing even more prizes...

In addition to our $5,000 cash prize, we're pleased to announce several additional prizes for this year's BOOM Grand Finale winners, and runners-up. All four bands who make it to our finals will walk away with something this year!

Grand prize, BOOM winners: $5,000 cash and a gig at a major Canalside event hosted by 107.7FM.
2nd place: 15 hours studio time care of Chilliam Studios, and a PreSonus AudioBox iTwo Studio recording gear package care of The Guitar Factory.
3rd & 4th place: 15 hours studio time care of Chilliam Studios.

Band Registration Remains Open

Band registration remains open throughout the contest, but time IS running out. Round 4 begins April 16th.

We welcome Buffalo area bands who play original music to sign up. Each year is a clean slate, so it doesn't matter if you have participated in BOOM in the past, we'd love to have you sign up again and take a listen to what you've been up to. If you have signed up in the past, you will need to sign up again for this contest - we don't carry old registrations over to the new year's contest. Registration remains open throughout the contest, but bands that sign up early in the contest naturally have more opportunity to be picked to participate.

Make sure to review the Contest Rules before signing up, and it's a good idea to read the Registration Help for some pointers on how to put your best foot forward.

In Memory, Jonathan M. Cheman, 1978 - 2015

We learned on Monday that Jon Cheman, the songwriter/singer/guitarist in the band Ruthless Tom passed away suddenly in his home in Arcade, NY, on Sunday, March 22. He was 36.

Mike Perks, the band’s drummer, informed us of the sad news via email as the polls were still open in this week’s Artvoice BOOM competition. “It actually makes us want to win the vote even more just for him. He was so excited and happy to be included. He was so looking forward to hearing his song on the radio last night too, but didn’t get the chance,” he wrote.

Ruthless Tom did win this week’s matchup, by a very wide margin.

According to Perks, “Jon had a love for music. He and his various band members produced countless hours of music over the years. He had finally realized his dream of recording in a studio and was about to release his first EP “Shadow View” with his band Ruthless Tom. Jon loved his family and friends more than anything, though. He was a compassionate friend who only wanted what was best for everyone, and for everyone to be happy.”

We at Artvoice would like to express our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and bandmates. Memorials can be made to the family.

For a full obituary, visit:

Dates to Remember

The official start of the contest - our first weekly battle - takes place December 4th, both here on the web, and in Artvoice. The quarterfinal live shows will take place at Nietzsche's and are: January 16, 2015 (Round 1), February 27 (Round 2), April 10 (Round 3), May 22 (Round 4). The grand finale will take place at The Tralf on June 5th, 2015.

Congratulations BOOM 2014-2015 Winners, Folkfaces!

Emerging from the second week of the first round of the 2014-2015 contest, Folkfaces went on to win the Round 1 Live Showdown back on January 17th at Nietzsche's, earning them a slot in the finals. On June 6th they received the most votes at the Tralf during our Grand Finale show, and took home the $5000 prize. As part of their prize they also receive a slot at 107.7FM's Kerfuffle in July, 2014, where they performed along side national touring artists Bear Hands, Big Data, Bleachers, Brick + Mortar, Cage The Elephant, The Crystal Method, KONGOS, and Semi Precious Weapons.

A huge thank you and job well done to our other finalists, Pine Fever, The Naturalists, and The Heavenly Chillbillies. Combined, they set a new BOOM attendance record at the Grand Finale, with over 400 fans showing up in support.

BOOM would not be possible without our vibrant local music scene, including bands and fans alike. So in no particular order, thanks goes out to the over 60 bands who signed up for this year's contest, the 32 who were selected to participate in on-line battles, the 10,000+ fans that casted votes on-line throughout the contest, the 16 bands who played 4 live quarterfinal shows and all the fans who attended, and of course our four finalist bands and everyone in attendance at the Grand Finale. Special thanks to Alternative Buffalo 107.7FM for sweetening this year's prize pot, and to Nietzsche's and The Tralf for providing us a space to showcase our local talent.