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BOOM Round 2, Week 2: Erica Wolfling vs. Lonestar Sailing

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 15:24 -- webmaster

The polls have been closed for this pair of bands. Congratulations to Erica Wolfling for collecting the most votes in this battle!

BOOM isn't just about picking favorites - it's also about promoting and supporting local music. Even though it's too late to vote, get to know the bands below, give them a listen, and if you hear something you like the best way to show support is to check them out in person when possible!

You can find more weekly battles in the BOOM Archives!

Erica Wolfling

Lonestar Sailing

Band bio: Erica grew up making music, exploring her craft and preparing for a diva revelation. In her teens she discovered she was an Ice Dragon. Her instrumental competence includes (but is not limited to) piano, guitar, harp, clarinet, wood blocks, egg shaker, and spoons. This multi-instrumentalist learned to read music before she could read books, she can improvise like warrior in battle, and can belch multiple overtones. She is also a master of the color purple.

Band members: Erica Wolfling - Vocals, Keys, Guitar

You might like us if: Erica’s greatest musical influence is the down-tempo duo Zero 7 and their guest vocalist Sia. She utilizes unique song structure reminiscent of Tori Amos. Sometimes you’ll also hear a touch of Regina Spektor, Lissie, Imogen Heap, or Florence and the Machine. She believes her style to be snug in the middle of acoustic pop and jazz, finishing with a touch of soul. It’s quirky and unexpected.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: I am an Ice Dragon.


Band bio: Lonestar Sailing is the side project of Charles Dusel that came about to fulfill a need for a creative outlet as every day life began to present less opportunities for musical collaboration. The resulting sound is a mix of honest vocals and lyrics over the backdrop of acoustic guitar, acoustic/electronic rhythm loops, keyboards, synthesizers and strings.

Band members: Charles Dusel - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Violin, Drum Loops

You might like us if: like Andrew Bird, The Low Anthem, Paul Simon, David Bazan, Beck.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: This is my first solo project, my music is a type of singer-songwriter with folk, indie and alternative influences that combine to form my own unique sound. I play all the instruments on the album and when I play live I incorporate samples and beats to folk style music.


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