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BOOM Round 2, Week 3: Purple vs. The Beggar's Best

Wed, 02/04/2015 - 15:28 -- webmaster

The polls have been closed for this pair of bands. Congratulations to The Beggar's Best for collecting the most votes in this battle!

BOOM isn't just about picking favorites - it's also about promoting and supporting local music. Even though it's too late to vote, get to know the bands below, give them a listen, and if you hear something you like the best way to show support is to check them out in person when possible!

You can find more weekly battles in the BOOM Archives!


The Beggar's Best

Band members: River - guitar, lead vocals / "D" - bass, vocals / JW - drums

Band bio: Wow. Purple formed in 1994 on Montgomery Street in Buffalo NY in JW’s attic—man how the neighbors hated us. Started off as a two-piece (bathing suit). Had my twin brother Donnie join on bass, as a fill in. Now he’s stuck with us. Like a cactus.

You might like us if: like a cross pollination of all forms of music. I would describe us as more power pop. JW has been into Zeppelin/Police/Van Halen. “D” is into Hank Williams/Willie Nelson/Ray Price. River is into Ace Frehley/Goo Goo Dolls/Sam Cooke/SRV.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: I have been reading Artvoice as long as I can remember. Before Purple was born. Bands would not make it with out the Artvoice contribution. If Purple wins this, every band in Buffalo wins this because “Artvoice said so”—and I read about it !


Band members: Dan Kolb - guitar, vocals / Joe Marshall - bass, vocals / Jon Yerico - drums, ink

Band bio: The Beggar’s Best is a power trio from Buffalo, NY. The band formed in 2007 and quickly recorded the E.P., Saints and Magicians. Their second E.P., 2012, found them pursuing a more idiosyncratic vision, with songs like “In My Room” and “The Crunch.” The band’s public profile has continued to grow, culminating in gigs opening for Big Sugar and alternative rock legends, Primus.

You might like us if: like Nirvana, Primus, The Beatles, Soundgarden, 311, The Black Keys, Rush, Skaters, Royal Blood, Dinosaur Jr.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: We’ve been on the scene for eight years and seen and played with many great bands, yet here we are and many of them are here no more. We love to play in front of lots of people ready for a great rock show! We speak and feel highly about our material and we also think our material speaks for itself...all we ask is that you take a moment to listen.


What did you think about this week's contestants? Feel free to discuss below. Please keep comments friendly, and please remember a comment is not the same as a vote - if you'd like to vote, cast your ballot above!