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BOOM Round 3, Week 3: Bo-Bo vs. Ruthless Tom

Wed, 03/18/2015 - 16:20 -- webmaster

The polls have been closed for this pair of bands. Congratulations to Ruthless Tom for collecting the most votes in this battle!

BOOM isn't just about picking favorites - it's also about promoting and supporting local music. Even though it's too late to vote, get to know the bands below, give them a listen, and if you hear something you like the best way to show support is to check them out in person when possible!

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Ruthless Tom

Band bio: Bobo earned a devoted local following thanks to the outrageous onstage antics of Jimmer Philips and his guitar-slinging cohort Frank Sterlace. On an off night, Bobo was a trainwreck: Songs stopped abruptly and obscenities were hurled, followed by fists. On a good night, they were a marvel of precision and vision. By the time of the group’s final incarnation, the rhythm section had learned to start the four count before Philips could start talking. Luckily, Bobo had the musical muscle to back up its collective blabbermouth. Sterlace’s lead lines were gritty and uncompromising and Philips’ “could have been a contender” delivery detailed tales of loves lost and chances blown. While the band’s music was contagious, its reputation was notorious. Even the most sympathetic club owner could be wary of booking the group.

Band members: Jimmer Phillips / Scott Miklasz / Marc Hunt / Kelly Jordan

You might like us if: love garage rock with great pop feel and don’t mind getting either insulted or berrated while having a great time listening to a live band and drinking...heavily.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: Jimmer needs a purpose.


Band bio: All the way back in high school Jon and Mike played in bands together. Over the years they continued to play in bands together and even became family members. One day Mike ran into Shane, another old high school friend, at a local pizza joint. Shane had just moved back to the area. They got to talking and decided to hang out. It was soon discovered that Shane had been practicing bass during the years and had gotten pretty good at it. So they banded together as Ruthless Tom.

Band members: Jon Cheman - guitar, vocals / Shane Armatys - bass / Mike Perks - drums, backing vocals

You might like us if: like Nirvana, Radiohead, and perhaps Joy Division. All three of us have plenty of influences that certainly bleed into our rock.

Why you should win the Online Battle of Original Music: We’ve been at this for many years now. We’ve had some hard and trying times over those years between band members but the music always brings us back and keeps us together. If we were able to win we definitely would use the grand prize to further our art. No matter what happens this band is going to keep rocking!


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