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How BOOM Works

For those of you new to BOOM!, here's a brief explanation of the process:

Step 1: Bands interested in participating submit sample songs, photos, and fill out some bio info on the Band Registration page.

Step 2: From the pool of submissions, Artvoice, with some help from our friends involved in the local music scene, make decisions on who makes the first cut and will participate. Each week for a month, two bands are selected to go head-to-head. These bands are featured both in print and on-line. Artvoice readers vote for their favorite at our on-line polls. Each week produces a winner, who moves on to the quarter finals.

Step 3: The four bands selected by fans to move on to the quarter finals face off at a live event. Every person in attendance gets a ballot on the way in, and casts a vote for their favorite performance. The winner of the night moves onto the finals.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for a total of 4 times. In all, 32 bands will run, 16 will make it to 4 quarter final events, and finally, we've produced 4 quarter final winners.

Step 5: The BOOM! Grand Finale: Our 4 quarter final winners selected throughout the length of the contest are brought back for one last live event face-off. Once again, fans in attendance cast their vote for their favorite performance. The winner walks away with at least $5,000 cash, admiration, and bragging rights!


Prizes and bragging rights are great and all, but we here at Artvoice have an ulterior motive. BOOM! is a great platform to introduce the public to a large number of very talented and interesting local acts over a period of several months. It's all about the music, folks. Your band gains exposure in print, and bands that compete against one another get exposure to each other's fan bases. The live shows are a lot of fun, and allow for even more of that cross-exposure. The idea is that everybody wins here; so bands, please do not lose sight of this. Play fair, don't forget that supporting one another improves our music scene for everyone!